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Old and Rusty!

If you're anything like me, you like the glitter and the shimmer. Yeap! That's what catches my eyes when I'm out shopping, but then we entered into the whole vintage stage.. and found myself saying hmmm "Old and Rusty" works for me. While I wouldn't describe a woman mature in age, as "Rusty", there's just something beautiful about an older woman who may not look as pretty as the woman on the cover of a magazine, yet her beauty is timeless, because those wrinkles and grey hairs were not in vain.. the reward? Wisdom; something birthed out of experience.

As that old saying goes, "they just don't make em like they use to". While I embrace the new, I'm grateful when I can find something that appears dated, because it makes me inquisitive and excited to know the story connected to it's beauty. Swap shops, flee markets, garage sales still hold great value! You can always expect to find the most unique things there, at great prices.. You know I love a good bargain lol!

So it is, when I cross paths with a woman in her eighties (because nowadays, anything less than is still considered young).. I embrace her in hope and anticipation. Because my expectation is that I'll leave having gleamed from a garden well groomed. So the next time you run into an older woman wanting to talk, be reminded that there's a treasure, a secret a word that she'll deposit that'll one day have great meaning, even if it's not for years to come. And the bonus is that she's probably make you laugh as well. Remember to thank her.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses as you are refreshed in your spirit and illuminated from within

Pastor Veronica Bradford





May 11th,2019

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